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The source code of this blog can be found here.

The web stack of this site is:

  • Next.js: React framework to do server side rendering.
  • Tailwind Next.js Start Blog: Theme for Next.js. Includes tailwind css.
  • Tina: CMS for creating and updating posts. Also using its free cloud offering.
  • Vercel: Next.js hosting platform. Deals with deployment and CDN.

I wanted a free and simple website so I decided to use Next.js and Vercel. Originally the stack was Hugo + Github pages but I wanted to embed JSX into my posts so I went with something that supported MDX. Personally, I don’t like editing raw markdown files so I decided to use TinaCMS. It is quite barebones and I’m more used to a richer text editor like notion (maybe the next version of this blog will be backed by notion somehow?).